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��A Four-Way Power Combiner at X-Band[J].Popular Science & Technology,2019,21(02):40-42.

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A Four-Way Power Combiner at X-Band
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X-band waveguide-microstrip transition power combiner finline
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A four-way power combiner based on waveguide-finline-microstrip transition is proposed and it was made a simulated analysis and optimized by Ansoft HFSS electromagnetic simulation software. The isolation loss of the power combiner is less than 0.25dB in the entire X-band (8GHz~12GHz), the return loss is greater than -15dB, and the isolation of ports on the same plane is greater than 8.5dB by loading a microstrip sector structure. The simulation results show that this structure has a certain application prospect in microwave power combiner.


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