��Mesoscopic Numerical Simulation of the TemperatureField of Reinforced Concrete Beam[J].Popular Science & Technology,2019,21(02):4-6��3.





Mesoscopic Numerical Simulation of the TemperatureField of Reinforced Concrete Beam
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reinforced concrete beam high temperature mesoscopic simulation
In order to describe the heat conduction process of reinforced concrete beams at high temperature more carefully, the heterogeneity of concrete materials is considered in this paper. A reinforced concrete beam model composed of aggregate particles, mortar and interfacial transition zone between them is established. The temperature field distribution of concrete beams at high temperature is obtained by assigning different thermal parameters to each component. The research shows that the surface temperature of reinforced concrete structure increases rapidly after being subjected to high temperature, while the temperature of internal concrete increases slowly, which is due to the low thermal conductivity of concrete materials. The results of meso-simulation are compared with those of macro-simulation. It shows that the temperature gradient curve obtained by the mesoscopic model is not smooth at the boundary, which reflects the heterogeneous characteristics of concrete materials.


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